“Trust Yourself!”

I am a teenager that got involved in the stock market a while ago.

One day my dad came up to me and said, “Do you want to learn how to have your money work for you?” I said, “Sure. How?”  He said, “Well, you can learn how to invest in the stock market over your summer break, instead of playing video games like the majority of kids today.”

From that sentence, I was hooked. I took my savings that my father had made me save since birth due to a savings program for kids called Seeds Of Wealth that he had learned about from EarlytoRise.com and I got to work. I started to trade very small amounts of biotech and dividend stocks with a low amount of capital, after my dad had taught me the fundamentals. In the beginning, I was confused and lost around  $200. I had no idea what I was doing. My dad gave me 5 books to read about investing and trading and I read each one of them. Still not feeling satisfied,  I went to my dad for help. He was on browsing Twitter and found a person that was in the same position I was in, a young trader. I started to follow @BsiflingTrades, whose name is Brett Sifling. Brett gave me guidance and I became a lot better trader because of him. He welcomed me to his chatroom full of other traders. All of them helped me to get where I am now.  You can see all my trades at my Profit.ly page.

Then I got another idea. Brett has his own website called BioStocks.com where he blogs about various biotechs. This website inspired me to open up  CTraderD, where I started to blog about various stocks. Since then, two of my blogs have been published on  BioStocks.com and there are many more to come!  Since I started trading, I have formed a new dream of one day making it to the center of finance in New York City. I am a full time swing trader in the summer and an automatic trader in the school year. In other words I place my orders ahead of time. I can’t swing trade in the school year because I am in very difficult AP classes, so I can’t worry about trading and getting my work done on time, to manage a 4.0 GPA.

I will post entries about mostly biotech plays, but I also post about REITs, Tech Stocks, and much, much more. Please subscribe!


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