Posted by: ctraderd | April 7, 2013

Watchlist- Week of 4/8/13 $DXJ $GOOG $ATHX $VELT

Last week, the markets pretty much went sideways overall. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost only –13.29 for –.09%, the S&P 500 lost –15.13 for –.96%, and QQQ shares closed Friday’s trading session at $67.86 losing –1.13 for –1.64%. I opened up April with a bang, making $911.16 last week by making 5 trades, all of them winning. The first trade I made was on Monday and in that trade, I initiated a long position of 750 shares of ATHX at $1.68. Then on Tuesday, I sold my 100 share position in DXJ at $40.91 for a $440 profit, making +12.61%. I then day traded a total of 6 GOOG 810 AprWk1 Puts for a $209.78 total profit. Read more for a bigger explanation to the GOOG play. I then bought 2000 more ATHX shares at $1.55 on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, I made another day trade in USO in which I bought and sold 10 USO Apr13 33 puts for a small $39.36 profit. On Friday, I sold my 2000 share lot of ATHX from $1.55 at $1.67 for a $222.02 profit and am still holding the 750 share position. I then proceeded to buy 5 GOOG 765 AprWk2 Puts and 1 GOOG 780 AprWk2 Call. Read further down for an explanation. So after all this, I came out at a $911.16 profit, which was close to the $1,000 goal of my Spring Break. Before making any decisions based on this article, read my disclaimer and do your own research!! 

1.) WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ)

DXJ was on fire last week gaining +2.91 for +7%. Unfortunately I sold at close to the bottom of the dip, so I missed out on HUGE profits. This was a lesson to me on why to stick to my gameplan if you really believe in it and not let emotion affect your trades. I will still be playing this one by means of options and I will rebuy shares if it ever dips under $40 again. This is still my #1 Pick of 2013.

2.) Google Inc. (GOOG)

GOOG tanked last week losing –10.44 for –1.32%. As previously stated, I am going to explain my play of GOOG last week in depth. Late Tuesday morning (my time, not New York time), I decided to buy 3 GOOG AprWk1 810 Puts at $3.80 because GOOG seemed to be approaching a top for the day. Turned out I was wrong, but for only about an hour. These things hit a low of ~$3.20 on the bid, and I bought 3 more at $3.40 on the ask. Then GOOG dipped as I was hoping and I exited the 3 from $3.40 at $3.90 for a quick $119.39 profit. I then exited the remaining 3 from $3.80 at $4.20 for a $90.39 profit. Unfortunately these both turned out to be bad exits, because I could have sold on Friday at ~$12.00+ a contract. I also initiated a new play in GOOG on Friday and I wrote an article about it here.

3.) Athersys Inc (ATHX)

ATHX lost –.0167 for –.97% last week. I am still holding my long position of 750 shares from $1.68 and am hoping for a bounce to at least $1.79 before I exit. The reason I believe that ATHX will do this is because on Monday, ATHX was at $1.83, and currently it is at $1.71 , which is a discounted price in my opinion.

4.) Velti, PLC (VELT)

VELT tanked last week losing –.141 for a total of –7.01%. However, VELT did show a great deal of support at $1.818 which it never broke last week, despite hitting multiple times. VELT only bounced off of $1.818, which leads me to believe that the company is still a hold until shares fall below $1.80, in the event of which I will sell.


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