Posted by: ctraderd | March 30, 2013

Watchlist- Week of 4/1/13 $DXJ $BWLD $VELT $IBM $ATHX

As March closed out its last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained +157.05 for +1.09%, the S&P 500 gained +17.18 for +1.11%, and QQQ shares closed Thursday’s trading session at $68.97, gaining +.72 for +1.07% on the week. Last week I made 2 trades. In the first trade I closed out 500 shares of VELT from $1.96 at $2.05 for a small $27.07 gain. I also made a trade in ATHX in which I bought 550 shares at $1.50 in the last hour of trading on Wednesday. I then sold all shares at $1.76 on Friday morning. I nearly grabbed the high of $1.77 on the day. I made a profit of $125.07 for +17.33% on the trade. Overall, I made a combined +$152.14 last week. I closed March with a total realized profit +$536.45, making 5 trades, none of them losing. See my trades at my page. Before making any decision based on this article, read my disclaimer and do your own research!!

1.) WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ)

Last week, DXJ lost –.3729 for –.86%. I am still up +$686 for a total of +18.8% on the stock total. DXJ remains my #1 Pick for 2013 and I will continue to buy and sell options off of this one to grab some profits while I am letting the stock run.

2.) Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. (BWLD)

Last week, BWLD gained +1.72 for +2.00%. I am bringing BWLD back up because I have been watching the March Madness tournament, and there have been a ton of BWLD commercials saying that the restaurant chain is “The Official Hangout of March Madness.” These commercials lead me to believe that BWLD will have excellent earnings in the first quarter of 2013. BWLD reports earnings on April 22, so we have time. I will initiate a long position of BWLD calls sometimes before that, but I have not decided the strike or expiration yet.

However, the analysts, for the same reason as me, could price into the earnings estimate the fact that BWLD is “The Official Hangout of March Madness,” and expect crazy good earnings. If this happens, the stock could fall because they didn’t meet the insanely high estimate, so we will see.

3.) Velti, PLC (VELT)

VELT lost –.07 last week for a total of –3.40%. I am down approximately –$90 unrealized on my position of 1000 shares from $2.08 for –4.3%, which is overall not that bad.  Last week VELT had a press release, stating that  the company announced Velti Media, which is a branch of the company that specializes in helping companies get the correct crowd of people to go to their site or download their app. As previously stated in my last watchlist, VELT is a leading mobile advertiser. Velti Media helps direct personalized ads to users based on that user’s history on the web, what apps they download, etc. Velti Media uses its own unique technology known as Multi-Channel Targeting (MCT). MCT is:

“The first universal data analytics platform on mobile that allows brands to target consumers with relevant advertising and marketing interactions on smartphones, tablets and PCs, so they can identify and reach the same consumers across any device or platform. Moreover, the ability to retarget from desktop to mobile web, mobile app and mobile messaging, allows advertisers to continue delivering deeper levels of engagement as consumers switch to other devices.”(

This press release caused VELT to spike from $1.8691 to $2.10. I sold 500 at $2.05 and VELT went down from there. On Friday, VELT bounced +.11 to $1.99. Hopefully this run will continue. I will continue to swing trade in and out of this one as it rides in its channel.

4.) International Business Machines Corp (IBM)

IBM gained +1.10 for +.52% last week. Since I am off for Spring Break, I will be trading all week and watching the market all day. That is why I put IBM on my watchlist, because I want to day trade this baby based on technical analysis. I have not figured out the strike or expirations on the options I will be trading in this one, but you can expect those in the heat of the moment. Let’s bank on this one guys!


5.) Athersys, Inc. (ATHX)

Last week, ATHX gained +.17 for +11.26%. As previously stated, I bought this one late in the afternoon on Wednesday and sold about 4 hours into the trading day on Thursday, making +$125.07 for a +17.33% gain. The reason why I bought this one is because I had been hearing a lot of good things about it around the biotech world. Sure enough, after I bought, a Seeking Alpha article was released and those who followed me banked.  I sold at nearly the day high, selling at $1.76, and the day high was $1.77. I will be looking to get back into this one at around the $1.50-$1.60 range if it should touch. I will also continue to do more research on it.

Note: The chart of ATHX also looks like a cup and handle breakout after further examination.


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